we feel nothing so jump into the fog with me.
The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out.
You left me in the dark, in the shadow of your heart.

At first, you have to recognize that every human is very complex, and so am I. In my opinion, your most beautiful and memorable moments are made by your own. If you think 'it was so beautiful, i'll gonna memorize', yah then u do. Doesn't matter, if you don't know the date in a few years, the clou is you where there, you lived and you remember it.
Well, that was a part of my deepthoughted, 16 year old myself.
Workin in vienna is fun & hell same time. Actually I live in a small town beside vienna since I'm four years old. My home is the ex-house of my grandmother, so I practically lived here for my whole life. I love my garden, and I miss my cherry tree infront of my window, which was split by a flash a few years ago. I think, I'm a little weird, but who cares? People without corners are boring.
So, I don't like winter. I love spring, and summer in the evenings. Boys are stupid, haha. No, I'm single and I'll stay for a while. I have good friends, but I won't call anyone my 'best friend' cause I don't like this expression. The one who is my nearest, knows. I love my parents, my sister and my bed. Seriously, nobody can ever break the love between me and my bed.
I'm in a school, which is about Fashion but I do not really like it anymore, so I won't write anything more about it. I often go out, most of the evenings to drumnbass music.

...have I said? I don't really like writing about myself.
Mh, I think that speaks for it self.

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